Coastal Projects
Invitation for Expressions of Interest to submit bid under Liquidation as Going Concern

From Chairman’s desk


The infrastructure sector in India continues to enjoy growing importance as it is intertwined with the welfare of the people and economic growth enabling our beloved nation to be one amongst the developed nations. The construction industry has been recognized by the central government as one of the priority sectors and there is increased thrust on the part of the Government on development of infrastructure i.e. Hydel Power Projects, Mini Dams, Water Supply Schemes, Laying of Roads etc. which are having bright prospects for the industry. Several State Governments are also giving importance to Hydel Power Projects for Power supply and Mini Dams for safe drinking water facilities in all rural and urban areas and thus opening new areas and activities for industries.


The privatization of transmission of Power by various Electricity Boards is opening up new avenues in the construction of Hydel Power Projects .As Thermal Power Projects are costlier and not eco-friendly, Government Authorities and other Organizations shift their preference to Hydel Power Projects, which are economical and pollution free. This has boosted up new opportunities to the Company. Govt. priorities on eco-friendly wind energy projects is an additional avenue which is being explored and exploited by the company. Besides Power Project Tunnels and Irrigation Tunnels, the future holds promise to Sewerage Tunnels and Metro Tunnel Transport system in the wake of sprawling metropolitan centres in the country. The Company has since made a foray into thermal and mining projects as well with an in-built plan to grow internally in due course.


Coastal Projects Ltd. has indeed nurtured the required skills and competencies over the years and steadily moving towards corporate governance with its defined and refined policies and framework of implementation. In view of encouraging trends in the industry, the Company has focussed on its core business and is able to show steady growth in turnover.    It continues to be the earnest endeavour of CPL to work for the satisfaction of its Clients and Principals and play a dynamic role, though modestly, in the nation building activities.


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