Coastal Projects
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About Coastal Projects

Coastal Projects Limited (CPL) Established in the year 1995 and headquartered in Hyderabad, leaving its foot prints and stepping forward in constructing the Nation’s future, Coastal Projects Limited (CPL) is a well-established Construction company in public sector, which has spread its wings in developing infrastructure all over the country. Today, with its vast expertise, CPL has emerged as one of the pioneers and specialists in the Underground Excavations covering all jobs of civil construction of Tunnels for Underground Tubes and Underground Stations for Metro rails in difficult Urban conditions; Underground Power House Complexes, Head Race Tunnels, Tail Race Tunnels, Surge Shafts and Chambers, De-silting Chambers, Adits; Tunnels, Pump house and Surge Pools for Hydro Power Projects in challenging geological conditions. CPL is endowed with very efficient work force for tunnel construction in Irrigation Projects and Railway Tunnels in arduous geological and geotechnical conditions of North East sector.

The Company’s success is driven by more than building some of the most advanced facilities for its Clients. CPL is well known for its distinctive ability to implement innovative project management techniques and to serve as a reliable provider of knowledge-driven solutions for their complex construction projects. The Company has complete and well equipped technical backup and suitably trained and specialized man power in their respective fields and has been able to make commendable strides in its chosen field of infrastructure.

The Company has executed contracts of well-established Corporations both in Private and Public Sector and is well versed with the dynamics of project execution. With the experience gained in the field of underground tunneling, it has entered into joint ventures with some of the leading companies and firms to take up prestigious Bangalore Underground Metro Rail Projects, mega projects in power generation and irrigation to expand its horizons. The Company is executing Border Fencing and flood lighting Works on eastern borders of India. The growth and prosperity of the company attracted sizeable private equity infusion resulting in high net-worth by which the Company is eligible for sole participation in tenders without necessitating for a joint venture. The Company is presently commanding an order position of over Rs.8500 Cr and augmenting its top line  financials..
CPL team of construction professionals offers a single- source solution for all the underground construction related needs. Efficient leaders, supported by experienced and well trained technical staff which includes among others, Engineering personnel viz. designers, planners, technicians and tradesmen, who are adept in handling the latest equipment that facilitate in increasing productivity in underground tunneling works, can adopt themselves easily to the new technologies to achieve national and international work standards.
Simultaneously, the Company has procured comprehensive and best fleet of equipment/machinery, incuding 06 Tunnel Boring Machines displaying the state-of-the-art technology in tunneling and 40 Drilling Jumbos (Boomers) which are the company’s prized possessions.
It has employed experienced engineers, technocrats and professionals with proven track record apart from skilled/semi-skilled labour to execute big projects under extreme climatic/geographic conditions.

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