BI solutions

For many companies today, big enterprise applications like ERP, CRM and critical database applications drive the business. Organizations invest lots of time and resources in these business critical applications, so it only makes sense to put in the time and resources to make sure that these applications run well, are reliable, and provide an excellent experience for end-users.

Whether integrating nuts and bolts operations to traditional ERP or assimilating Cloud ERP, AXNIIT understands that the daunting task of integrating disparate technologies with logistical operations and supply chain, unique to each company demands that only the most current, up-to-date, and competent knowledge-based personnel be employed to the task.

Whether you need to streamline your processes across procurement, manufacturing, service, sales, finance, or HR, AXNIIT is dedicated to leveraging integration tools and highly qualified personnel to attain economies of scale possible with full-scale system and software integration.

ERP Solutions
- Oracle
- Lawson
- Microsoft

CRM Solutions
- Microsoft
- Oracle

ERP/CRM Solutions
- Manufacturing Execution System Powered by SAP MII
- Infor 10x Upgrade
- Oracle Upgrade Services
- Salesforce Sales Cloud
- Salesforce Service Cloud
- Customer Service Suite for Utilities