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Karnataka State Highways Improvement Project

Location : Karnataka
Client : M/s. AFCONS Infrastructure Limited.
Value of Work : Rs. 310.00 Millions
- Rehabilitation of raod from kallubavale Cross to harihara, bellary and Davangaere Dist. Karnataka.

Allain Duhangan Hydro Electric Project (Joint Venture - SEW Coastal (J.V))

Location : Manali, Himachal Pradesh.
Client : M/s. AD Hydro Power Limited
Value of Work : Rs. 530.00 millions
- Construction of Main Access Tunnel, power House, pressure Shaft, Tail Race Tunnel and Ancillary Excavations and Structures for Allain Duhangan Hydro Electric project.

Rampur Hydro Electric project

Location : Shimla, Himachal Pradesh
Client : Satluj Jal Vidyut Nigam Ltd.
Value of Work : Rs 188.80 millions
- Construction of civil works for Goshai and Kunni Adits for Rampur Hydro Electric Project.

Mahatma Gandhi Hydro Electric Tail Race Scheme

Location : Jog Falls, Karnataka
Client : M/s. Ambuthirtha Power pvt. ltd.
Value of Work : Rs. 550.00 Millions
- Construction of Diversion Dam accross Sharavathy River with scour sluice and intake structure.

- Head Race Tunnel of 4.9 Mts. dia and lenghth of 3014 Mts.

Larji hydro Electric Power project

Location : Mandi, Himachal pradesh
Client : M/s. Continental Construction Company ltd.
Value of Work : Rs. 900.00 Millions
- Construction of civil works for power house complex 108 x 42.50 x 19.80 Mts. Dia.

- Transformer Cavern 50 x 15 x 19.80 Mts.

- Main Axis Tunnel 8 Mts. Finished and 165 Mts. Length

- Adits to caverns

- Construction of Draft Tube

- Tail Race Tunnel 10.80 Mts. Finished and 360 Mts. Length.

Tala Hydro Electric Power Project

Location : Bhutan
Client : M/s. Hindustan Construction Co. ltd.
Value of Work : Rs. 180.00 millions.
- Construction of junction of HRT with Mirchigchu Adit.

- Underground excavation of horseshoe shaped Head race Tunnel size of 7 Mts. Dia. & Length of 4500 Mts.

Tala Hydro Electric Power Project

Location : Bhutan
Client : M/s. Hindustan Construction Co. ltd.
Value of Work : Rs. 140.00 millions.
- Diversion Tunnel: Construction of 7 mt D section 356mt long tunnel

- Construction of Mrichingchu Adit: 7 mt D shaped 280 mt long.

Teesta Hydro Electric Project, Stage - V

Location : Makha, Sikkim
Client : M/s. Gammon India Ltd.
Value of Work : Rs. 364.30 Millions
- Execution of Civil Works for Head race Tunnel, length 4.8 Kms.

Loharinag Pala Hydro Electric Power project

Location : Uttaranchal
Client : M/s. National Thermal Power Corporation Ltd.
Value of Work : Rs. 98.00 millions.
- Construction of Adits to Head Race Tunnel for Loharinag Pala Hydro Electric Power project (4 x 150 MW)

- 6 Mts. Dia. D Shaped and Length of 419, 414 and 512 Mts.

Katra End Railway Tunnel

Location : Udhampur, jammu & Kashmir
Client : M/s. Patel Engineering Company ltd.
Value of Work : Rs. 96.30 Millions
- Construction of single line Railway B.G. tunnel No.1 size 5.5 Mts. Dia and length of 1500 Mts. including cut and cover between Km. 03/700 from Katra end as per approved plans between Udhampur-Katra in connection with Udhampur Srinagar - baramulla rail link project.

Maujhi Hydro Electric Power Project

Location : Dharmasala, himachal Pradesh
Client : Dharmasala Hydro Power ltd.
Value of Work : Rs. 120.00 millions
- Construction of Trench Weir, Open Channel, Link Tunnel, Desilting Tank, Cut & Cover, Forebay structure, Steel penstock including saddles and Anchor block, power House building, tail race Channel

- tunnel size 2.8 Mts. dia and length of 350 mts.

Srisailam Left bank Hydro Electric Scheme

Location : Srisailam, Andhra Pradesh
Client : M/s. Patel Engineering Company ltd.
Value of Work : Rs. 180.00 Millions
- Construction of underground works of T.R.T., Power House Complex, Surge Shaft, Draft Tubes

Residential Appartments

Location : Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
Client :
Value of Work : Rs. 150.00 millions
- Construction of residential apartments in the city of Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh.


Location : Tripura
Client : NBCC Ltd.
Value of Work : Rs. 1314.90 Millions
- Border fencing along Indo-Bangladesh Border (IBB) in the Eastern Sector.

Canal Excavation of SRSP, Stage II (Joint Venture Project : AKR - Coastal (J.V))

Location : Velishala (Vill.), Nalgonda (Dt.) AP
Client : I & CAD Dept., Govt. of A.P.
Value of Work : Rs. 729.90 Millions
- Earth work excavation & forming embankment & construction of CM & CD work including investigation, designing & estimating of distributory system including distributaries, majors, minors, sub-minors & field channels of DBM 69 of SRSP, Stage II.

Housing Project (Joint Venture Project : Coastal - Sri Vijetha (J.V))

Location : Kondapur, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh.
Client : SHL Ventures
Value of Work : Rs. 202.10 Millions.
- Construction of Housing Project and annexure structures at kondapur for SHL Ventures, Civil works as contained in the BOQ

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